Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad Habits! By Babette Cole

Do you have an unruly child who refuses to mind their manners? Then read this one aloud to them. Delicious in just the character’s name, Lucretzia Crum, this story highlights the naughty behavior of a daughter and the extreme measures her parents have to take to curb those bad behaviors, like burping, farting, being loud and disrespectful to her teachers. Lucretzia has a terrible influence on the children around her and so all the parents combine their resources to stop this willful girl. Just when all the parents reach the point of despair that nothing will work to curb her willful disobedience, a birthday party is interrupted by even worse monsters than the little children at the party. Reform of bad manners is the order of the day and peace is restored in this delightful story with illustrations worthy of the wit.

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