Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Books as Gifts

I am unable to resist this topic as we approach Easter. The Easter Bunny will arrive with all his sugar and leave behind nothing but chaos. At our home though the candy is almost non-existent and the most sought after gift is the book in the basket. Yes, the Easter Bunny brings books to our house. I find that any holiday is an excuse to bring a book into the house. The more books I have on my shelves and the more access my kids have to them, the more likely they will want to be readers in the future. Let the Easter Bunny bring a favorite story or introduce a new topic, it will be much better than candy, last longer and provide less sugar induced behavior.

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  1. I gave my children books for every holiday. I gave them a book and new pajamas (better for Christmas pictures) on Christmas eve and they disappeared into their bedrooms to read which allowed Santa to come early. I now give books to my grandchilren each holiday and I believe them to be the favorite gift.

    Tip - It's easier to get children to do the dishes if you read to them - even teenagers. Teenagers like Paul Harvey's "The rest of the story."