Monday, April 6, 2009

Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book

It has been snowing or raining at our house for the past two weeks and my children are starting to climb the walls in their anxiety for something to do. We happened to have checked out this book from the library and so today, when it snowed again, we had an activity handy. Ed Emberly takes the thumb and transforms it into a multitude of animals, people, expressions and activities. It’s truly amazing what your thumb can become. My kids created Jedi in battle and pictures of themselves playing with the cat. This art activity entertained but alas the rainy gloom overwhelmed us and we had to do chores too when after the art there was still nothing to do. (Imagine the whine in there.) Still, it did help bring some smiles on a dull day and even my little 5 year old could make his picture match what he wanted out of the book. The art is that simple.

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