Friday, April 3, 2009

Island of the Skog by Steven Kellogg

Interestingly enough when I saw this book I thought my kids would hate it, but it has since become a favorite leaving the library shelves to come to our house often and in various formats. We first found this book on tape at the library. My kids love to listen to books read in different formats. They love to turn the pages themselves when the bell dings because then they are reading it on their own. This is a story about courage, friendship and adventure. The mice flee the cats to try and find a place they can live in peace. They end up being the torturers in the end and find that a little communication goes a long way. Steven Kellogg is the kind of illustrator to whom kids relate. His pictures draw them in and I believe any story illustrated by him can be read aloud to children. The cassette reader does a fabulous job coming up with different voices for all the characters and it engages the kids. This book also comes just as a book but both versions are worth sharing with your kids.

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