Monday, April 6, 2009

Jacob Have I Loved By Katherine Paterson

Children often find themselves in a situation where they feel like they are less than another sibling. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of parenting as one child may demand more attention because of illness or abilities and thus seem the favorite while they really are loved as dearly. This is the story of Louise and Caroline, twins where one feels that the other receives everything. No one even remembers holding Louise then night of their birth because Caroline was sick. This fact haunts her. Yet, as Louise finds her way through life she realizes that she is loved and valued. She finds her place in the world and makes a difference. Louise finds peace amidst the storms of her life. I have also read this one more than once and will probably do so again. I can’t wait until my children are ready to read this story and can already hear the comments, “You do the same thing to …” Perhaps this book will help me ward those comments off more easily. This story does deal with more adult concepts and I believe in previewing books to decide for yourself if a child is ready but I read this 6th grade and again in middle school and again in high school and enjoyed it each time, gleaning new insights as I went.

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