Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lights Out by Arthur Geisert

This is another example of a book with no words that captivates children. My son and I looked for books at the library one week and he became frustrated. He said, “I want a book that lets me use my imagination.” I immediately thought of these books. The story requires the children to make the connections. Arthur Gisert has created many of these stories. This one tells the tale of how a child figures out how he can get enough light after his parents tell him to turn off the light so that he isn’t afraid to go to sleep. He pulls his switch and the time it takes to turn his light off through an elaborate process allows him to fall asleep with the light on but then have it go off as his parent’s desire. It’s the dream of every child to be able to accomplish a feat like this and they love looking at the details to figure out exactly how the child accomplished each step. This truly is a book for the imagination.

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