Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take it with you!

Once we gain knowledge or humor or anything really from a book we should take it with us and incorporate it into our lives and the world around us. I found after reading the book, Monet and the Impressionists for Kids by Carol Sabbeth, that we found art in everything. As my children and I sat at the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, we looked to see the flowers, trees and light as Monet did. I asked them during lunch if all the leaves on the tree were the same color. As we looked at one tree we found an array of colors ranging from deep green to a sliver hue cast by the light. Then we wandered through the gardens, finding the Monet garden created there and talked about what we would paint. Perhaps next time we could take our pallets with us and create art there in the garden. The trick is to engage your children and let their imaginations, coupled with knowledge expand their world. Now, I often hear my children talking about colors and light when that thought would never have entered if not for our application of a story.

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