Saturday, April 4, 2009

Your Bones by Terri DeGezelle

Currently I have a broken wrist, which led my children to wonder about bones and how they work. I find that when something interests your children that you should leap at the chance to teach them before the moment passes. We scoured the library for books about bones and this one, written on a very simple level, has allowed the scientists in my children to emerge. The text is simple. There are fun facts on every page. Do you know which bone is the largest or smallest in your body? The pictures help explain the texts. If you have a scientist, I suggest that you engage them by reading fact books instead of just fictional books. A good reader could read this as early as first grade. Your Bones is a research book for a young child and new reader working on a science fair report. I believe they should be able to read the information they are going to teach. The cool thing is that the back of the book contains an experiment a 3 year old could build and places to go for more information. Who wouldn’t want to learn more?

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