Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dex: the Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Beuhner, illustrated by Mark Beuhner

Do you have a child running around in a cape, looking for someone to save? Then he or she can relate to Dex, a small wiener dog, who seems to have no powers but works diligently to obtain them. Dex, constantly ridiculed by the cats in the neighborhood, decides to make himself stronger. Daily Dex adds to his workout until he can easily clear the trash pile, run around the neighborhood and complete his push-ups. Finally, Dex discovers that he has muscles. Thrilled with his new physique, all he needs now is his uniform so that he can go about doing service for others. Then his nemesis runs into trouble and only Dex can save him. Much to Dex’s delight after rescuing the cat, the crowd chants “Super Dog! Super Dog!”, fulfilling his dreams. In the end, Dex and his new friend, ex-nemesis, decide to work together to be heroes in the neighborhood.

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