Saturday, May 2, 2009

take me out of the bathtub by Alan Katz illustrated by David Catrow

This hilarious book takes songs you know and twists the words to things children deal with on a regular basis as in cleaning your room, tying your laces, and stinky diapers. Since the poems can be sung after a few times through the book you will find that your children are singing with you. David Catrow knows how to illustrate for children and he makes the words more hilarious through his pictorial interpretation. I promise that your children will beg to have this read to them over and over again. It’s one to include in the home library. Some title in the book are I’ve Been Cleaning Up my Bedroom sung to I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, Stinky Stinky Diaper Change sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Go Go Go to Bed sung to Row Row Row your Boat, and Cranky Poodle sung to Yankee Doodle.

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  1. it is one of my kids favorite books. they know some of the songs by heart