Monday, July 6, 2009

Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy – History, Jewish History, ages 10-16

I just read this story. I found it on the shelves as I hunted for books for my son to read. I am fascinated with this time and a proponent that all the Holocaust stories should be heard and remembered. This story is set down in free-verse prose by the author and it is the author’s Aunt’s story. The little girl in this story was one of only 12 children to survive the Lodz ghetto in Poland. It portrays the suffering, the injustice and the humanity of the Jews. A family’s love for their daughter holds them together and gives them courage to hide and work to Sylvia. The father’s quick thinking and bravery keep not only his child safe but 11 others. Eventually it takes 800 adults to save the remaining 12 children in the Lodz ghetto. Holocaust survivors are reluctant to share their stories because of the guilt of surviving or the terrible loss and pain suffered but every story is a treasure. This story keeps the horrors to a minimum, focusing on the love of family.

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