Friday, May 28, 2010

Graphic Novels - A trick to get boys Reading

Finding books for boys can be very difficult, especially when they are at a lower reading level (1-4th grade). This has led me to the conclusion that anything they will read is fabulous. Graphic novels appeal to boys. I am not sure why. Perhaps it is the pictures that are found by every description or perhaps it is the sections that must be deduced from comparing the words to the pictures. Whatever the reason, graphic novels can be a fabulous way to keep your boy reading. There has been an influx of graphic novels onto the scene lately and many of them deal with presidents, inventors and other famous people; not all graphic novels are about superman. If your son is struggling to find something he enjoys, perhaps you could try a graphic novel. For a beginning reader, try Phonics Comics by Brett Sudduth (Smart Boys). My son found this one to be captivating when he was learning to read! For older boys, try Perseus : the hunt for Medusa's head : a Greek myth / Story by Paul D. Storrie, especially as the Greek Gods are all the rage because of the Percy Jackson books. Often the format will change a tedious historical subject into something amazing in the mind of a boy. Just remember that not all graphic novels are created equal and so select ones that actually have a decent amount of vocabulary.