Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pigs to the Rescue

This hilarious tail resonates with all parents who have children trying to help and realize that help is just not making things better. The kids love this tale because the pigs are doing such outrageous things to help. Every time something on the farm goes wrong, the pigs rush in to help. When the garden hose leaks and Mrs. Greenstalk can't water her flowers, the pigs rush in with a small wading pool, water balloons and other assorted water sources and they succeed in watering the garden but leave behind a flower graveyard. When the pigs rescue Jeffrey's kite, they get it out of the tree but it is no longer in one piece. The family experiences many such "rescues" and are relieved when the pigs don't hear about spilled milk. Unfortunately, the cows do! This is a fabulous read for little kids and it will guarantee them a laugh.

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